Scrip Program

Nifty Fifty’s is a proud member of the community and is pleased to support local children. With our Scrip Program, schools, charities and other organizations can ask their members and students to purchase gift certificates from Nifty Fifty’s in order to get 15% of the total amount awarded back.
Minimum order of 25 cards
The cash can then be used completely at the charity, school or organization’s discretion.
Some have used their profits to add to their libraries, while others have financed class trips. What a Nifty way to support your community!

Gift certificates are sold in $20.00 increments. If you are interested in participating in the Scrip Program, please contact Kelly McGlynn.
When participating, please
make your checks payable to Nifty Fifty’s, and be sure to include the sponsoring school or organization’s name. Then, mail to the address below. Gift certificates will be sent within seven business days.
For information,
email Kelly McGlynn, Public Relations Director, or fill out the form.

Kelly McGlynn

Director of Community Relations

1900 MacDade Boulevard
Folsom, PA 19033

Email Kelly