Great kids
get rewarded

Nifty Fifty’s applauds our young leaders. This is why we created a ‘shakin’ way to honor our future leaders. If your students are fantastic readers and deserve a unique reward, email Kelly McGlynn at

Whats a Shake Day

We come fully staffed and supplied to your location to Shake things up and celebrate the accomplishments of your students. Every child is rewarded with Nifty prizes for their accomplishments. From fun and exciting games that will tie you in knots to memories that will last a lifetime, everyone gets a blast from the past at our Nifty’s Shake Day!

Who gets a Shake Day

Nifty Fifty’s offers incentive based programs that reward students for their various achievements. Nifty Fifty’s applauds our young readers. That is why we created a “shakin” way to honor our future leaders. Our Readers are Leaders® program rewards students for being fantastic readers. We also reward students for community outreach missions, mathematics, test scores... the list goes on! In short, deserving students get a Shake Day! Do you know someone who deserves a Shake Day

What information is needed

When contacting us be sure to include:

  • Your School Name
  • Address
  • Contact Person
  • Phone Number
  • An explanation as to why your class
    deserves a Shake Day.

We do ask a few things of you after you’ve been booked. -Contact at least one TV station and one newspaper and tell them what your kids did! -Provide one 8 ft. table and 2 grounded outlets. -Please send a Thank You letter on school stationery to The Shake Day Spoon Crew.

This event is free

to your school from your local
favorite, Nifty Fifty’s!

Please have at least 40
students for this event

How to book a Shake Day

Send a letter to:
The Shake Day Spoon Crew
220 Kedron Avenue
Folsom, PA, 19033