Founded in 1987, Nifty’s has become a neighborhood favorite throughout the Philadelphia area.
With a passion for cooking stemming from his childhood, combined with a desire to provide deliciously thick and enjoyable malts and milkshakes and fresh foods similar to the timeless soda shop recipes of the 50’s,

Leo McGlynn made his dream a reality and opened the first Nifty Fifty’s in 1987. Nifty Fifty’s was opened to give all of our customers the opportunity to experience the 1950’s, and we have remained loyal to that goal every day since.

Our dedication to surprising and delighting customers with new menu items and milkshake flavors also continues today, with thousands of flavor combinations and new syrup recipes being invented regularly. Some are even stumbled upon by accident in the syrup factories!

You can also witness our commitment to providing an entertaining and wholesome environment that every member of the family, old or young, can enjoy, as we try to maintain the look and feel of the memorable 50’s. Our foods are handmade, our atmosphere welcoming and our booths as authentic as possible. As a matter of fact, we bought our first booths at an auction for $3 each. Now it costs $1,100 to remake one!

Visit one of our locations and taste the memory again!

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