Timeless Menu of Traditional Favorites

The 1950s are remembered as a time of wholesome family values, mouth-watering homemade cooking and the birth of rock n’ roll. At Nifty Fifty’s, our timeless menu of traditional American favorites and hand-dipped milkshakes reminiscent of old-fashioned soda fountains will make that bygone era come alive again. Whether you’re lucky enough to remember the 50s firsthand, or just wish you did, you’ll taste the memories with every bite!
Our Philosophy

Those of you fortunate enough to have been kicking around in the '50's probably remember the unbeatable taste of fresh cut homemade french fries, hand-dipped drug store style milkshakes and other soda fountain goodies, 100% beef burgers, carefully trimmed, freshly ground and hand-pattied - all this done by people whose pride in their product made them a neighborhood legend. Their customers became their friends and their friends became their customers. They exchanged warm hello's and sincere thank you's.

Coupons and contests, computers and corporate offices, prepackaged frozen foods with portion control efficiency had not yet arrived. But when it did and the fast food franchises started to take off - my kind of place closed up.

If you were there and now miss it, I hope we will awaken some fond memories of fun times. If you never had the opportunity to try this sort of place, I hope you will understand we are not just another restaurant, but a way of life.

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Our History

See more of the history that has made Nifty's the neighborhood favorite.

Best Of Philly

We're a proud recipient of 10 "Best of Philly" Awards.

Scrip Program

As a proud member of our community, we love supporting our local children.

"Fun" Raisers

Enjoy this fun and easy way for your organization to raise money.

Party Packages

Think of the most fun party ever, our Turnersville location will host that party! Celebrate!

Mini Golf

Putt around and unwind on our beautiful 18-hole course in Turnersville, New Jersey.

Did you know?

We have the World’s Largest Soda Fountain and have THOUSANDS of soda combinations.

We sell enough French fries in a year, that if you put them side by side they could stretch across the United States

At the syrup factories, some syrup recipes are stumbled upon by accident

We bought our first booths at an auction for $3 each. Now to remake that same booth costs $1100.

Simply Delicious!

Our menu is filled with fresh ingredients and our foods lovingly prepped and prepared by hand, like our fresh-cut french fries, freshly ground 100% all-beef burgers that are hand-pressed, our homemade ice creams and our award-winning milkshakes and malts. Between the delicious shakes, tasty foods and happening atmosphere, Nifty Fifty’s is the perfect recipe for a great time!